About Jiahsin Hotel

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JIA HSIN  The natural and honest
"Jiahsin Hotel" is located on Haian Road, an art street in Tainan City, close to the city center and Zhongzheng Business District. It has a total of 100 warm and elegant guest rooms, with the natural and honest style as the main axis, and blends modernity and exoticism. The Nanyang style is also decorated with carefully collected exquisite antiques, wood carvings, arts and crafts, etc., to provide Chinese tourists with the concierge and honor that makes them feel at home.

The guest rooms provide luxurious and top-notch equipment and a convenient optical fiber network system, allowing you to connect with the world 24 hours a day without missing any information.


JIA HSIN  The natural and honest
Our considerate and professional services will give you the motivation to start your journey again, savor the comfort of tranquility in the midst of the hustle and bustle, away from the busy city, and take you into another paradise to enjoy complete relaxation.

In order to maintain the safety of guests, Jiahsin requires the use of the exclusive magnetic card sensor in the room to enter and exit the parking lot and specific floors. It is precisely because of such strict control that we can provide better accommodation safety and quality for guests.

Jiahsin Hotel is close to the three major night markets in Tainan. The popular Garden Night Market is only a three-minute walk away. Xiaobei Night Market and Wusheng Night Market are only a fifteen-minute walk away.
In the Tainan Night Market with its numerous stalls, you can find everything you need to eat, drink, and have fun. You can fully enjoy Tainan's beautiful nights; the service center also provides travel consultation for Greater Tainan, so that you can visit Tainan without missing any attractions.